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Torture Star Video announces new VHS slasher-horror game, 'Rewind or Die'!

Wake up everyone, Torture Star Video is back with another treat for all horror fans!


Puppet Combo's publishing label, Torture Star Video (Bloodwash, Night at the Gates of Hell) announced on March 9th a new survival horror game, Rewind or Die, created and developed by Comp-3 Interactive (The Keeper, The Thirteenth Floor).

"There's a serial killer stalking your video store, and you just got called into work on your day off. Stock shelves, deal with customers and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Rewind or Die is a heart-thumping, blood-dripping blast from the past. Your co-worker flaked out on their shift yet again and it's up to you to cover them. And of course, there's a serial killer who's been staking their claim in that area. Just another day at a video rental store... right?"

Courtesy of Puppet Combo

In Rewind or Die, you start off the story playing as Tony, a video store clerk who is a little too nice and covers for their co-worker who flaked out on their shift...again. While you deal with not the nicest customers, doing your daily tasks like putting tapes away (with the best names), it just so happens that something has been lurking from the shadows outside the shop... and I don't think it necessarily wants to rent a movie.

Rewind or Die features fully voiced "unreliable co-workers", PS1 low poly visuals we all love, over the top gore, taxing but rewarding puzzles and multiple endings along with some secrets we'll have to wait until release on April 14th to find out about. Until then, will you remember to please be kind and rewind...or die?

Full review and breakdown of this game coming soon!

Courtesy of Puppet Combo

Rewind or Die is releasing April 14th on Steam, but you can wishlist right now!

Watch the trailer down below

Make sure to follow Comp-3 on Twitter to see what they're up to next!

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