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Cubyte Games “Deadly Night” Will Have You Holding Your Breath At Every Turn

If you are more of a gameplay kind of person, the video gameplay will be at the end of this blog to watch on Youtube. This blog was written prior to the September 4th update.

Highlighted in red with a warning sign next to it will be the mature content description and trigger warnings of this game as listed on Steam.

From the developer of Night Guard and La Compaña, Cubyte Games brings you a new terrifying low-poly, survival, slasher horror that will have you holding your breath every step you take.

"Alone and afraid in a remote roadside motel; leered at and lusted after by fiends and

weirdos - but if only you knew this was just the beginning of the terror. Soon, no one is safe; and soon, everyone is going to die! Unless you can avoid and outwit your bloodthirsty pursuer. Abducted from one hell and dropped into another for a bloody game of cat-and-mouse, will you prove to be resourceful enough to escape with your life? OR will you run into the arms of your murderous stalker for a violent, grisly, gory end to this waking nightmare? Not for the weak of heart; prepare for slaughter, debauchery, nudity, and horror on this Deadly Night!"

Courtesy of Puppet Combo

In Deadly Night, you play as Carol, a young woman who just got dropped off by a friend at this super sketchy motel on the side of the road to spend the night where you meet quite the interesting character(s). Next thing you know, you wake up but you're no longer at the sleazy, sketchy motel. You've been upgraded to a new place which is a murderer's house! With numerous puzzles to solve and 24/7 surveillance (by surveillance, I mean the killer looking for you) watching your every move, hearing your every step and definitely making you feel like he can hear you breathing. As in you, real life, playing the game. I might have held my breath for most of this game.

If you have played games like Nun Massacre or Murder House, this game may be right up your alley as the gameplay and figuring out your next step can seem a bit familiar. However, I do find the difficulty of this game's killer to be a notch up compared to the Nun or the Easter Bunny due to the small area you have to avoid him (it DOES offer to lower the killer's difficulty once you have died enough times). The developer announced that they are working on an update as one of the levels in the game can be quite difficult. I personally died in the game many times due to either not finding a hiding spot fast enough or being stuck against a wall or corner by the killer and I couldn't get past him. But realistically, if we were in this situation, I don't think we'd be able to escape a killer from a small corner either. But I understand how this can be frustrating to some players and their game progress.

"I know "The House" chapter can be a little frustrating, I'm making it a little fairer for the first update, but not too much..." -Cubyte Games

In Deadly Night, you can unlock different scenarios with your choices and get different endings as you progress through the game by solving the puzzles inside the murderer's house. You do have the opportunity to find things for your character to use such as a flashlight, bandages and a "saving station" which if I am not mistaken, it's very limited to the saves you can do in the game. Navigating around the house requires you as the character to not only find hiding spots, unlocking rooms and solving the puzzles as you go but also to keep an eye and ear out as the killer's footsteps will be a huge help in knowing when to move around. Sadly, this was challenging for me as I cannot hear so well from one of my ears so it was a lot of guessing, hiding and crossing fingers for the best even with audio cues.

⚠️ As for the story of the game, well, I can't give everything away now, can't I? But I can say this much, you do get a bit of the background at start of why your character is at a random motel, who certain characters are as well as some thoughts and flashbacks tormenting you. There is multiple endings so just remember that. This game has very dark and sensitive topics so I highly suggest checking out the following warnings the developer added to the game's page on Steam: Sickle killings, Kidnapping, Impalement, Blood, Nudity, Sexually Harassing Dialogue, Non-Consensual Voyeurism, Lo-fi Sexual Intercourse, Immolation, Profanity and Death of Children.

Courtesy of Puppet Combo

But overall, I think this is a fantastic and terrifying game to share and enjoy with your friends or your chat if you are a content creator and I definitely think you should add it to your list of games to play during this Halloween season. It is filled with jump scares for days, some good ol' b-horror dialogue and of course, loud noises that will keep you awake at night. I'm starting to think loud noises is like, a weird hidden requirement to get published by Torture Star Video or Puppet Combo at this point.


As of September 4th, a game update has been released regarding gameplay, audio and difficulty. Read the updates to Deadly Night here.

Get your hands on Cubyte Games "Deadly Night" on Steam or and see the trailer down below!

Follow Cubyte Games and Torture Star Video on Twitter to see what they're up to next!

Watch my gameplay reaction below or on Youtube!

Until next time, slash y'all later!🔪


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