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Natalie or The Horror Cat looking to the side in black and white with blood on face in color.

Favorite Game: Bioshock (all of them) and L.A. Noire.

Favorite Movie: I currently don't have one.

Favorite Foods: I love Chipotle! But spicy stuff is good too, not too spicy though,

Favorite Music: I listen to everything, so my playlist goes from Mitch Murder to Britney Spears any minute.

Spoken Languages: English, Spanish and the most broken version of French you will ever hear.

Things I can't live without: My inhaler (I need it of course) and my Dr. Martens.

About Me

Hey there! My name is Natalie (also known online as Catalie Or The Horror Cat). I am a bilingual content creator with a focus on Horror games (story based and survival) previously partnered on the streaming platform, Mixer. I currently spend my time in New York working as a Content Digital Manager in the gaming industry. I attended college in 2010 for Videogame Design and Animation as well as Film and Theater in 2008.

My first encounter with Horror was my mom's Hellraiser VHS collection (I think it included 1 and 2) but Pinhead was too terrifying for me on the cover so I passed on it. Then one day I got curious about what she was watching at night so I sat down next to her to watch the movie she just picked up from our local video rental place. She said "You shouldn't be watching this, go sleep." and I very confidently said "I'm a big kid!" I had no idea what the movie was saying since it was in English with subtitles (my first language is not English) but I will never forget seeing those flashes of a white face as the movie went by. No worries, I watched it later on and I understand it now. Also shout out to that sweet older couple who owned that local video store who let me rent my own Horror movies at like 7 years old with my mom's permission, that was my first video rental card and I carried it proudly. I miss them.

But anyways, enough of how I was afraid of the Hellraiser cover...and the Fright Night cover...

I decided to start this blog after undergoing some serious changes with my health and career, not being able to create live content as before has given me some time to watch and experience more Horror films, shows and books which I would love to share with you all here on reviews and so on! Thank you so much for being here, reading or visiting the site, I appreciate it!


Stay updated on my daily adventures on my Twitter!

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