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This page is dedicated to personal friends and people I have worked with closely in the past (in other projects)  to showcase their work within the horror community. I have had the pleasure of meeting, knowing, working with some of these people and/or brands and enjoying what they put out into the world with their art. I hope you check them out and enjoy their art too!


Radio for the Creeps

Podcast by @mattshotcha

A podcast for the strange & unusual, dedicated to Horror. Hosted by videogame industry veteran, @MattShotcha.


Gun Interactive

Game Developers & Publishers

Gun is a Concept Design Studio & Publisher with a passion for horror. (With a top notch crew of wonderful people).  Gun's Official Website.


Puppet Combo

Game Developers

A game studio inspired by 80's vhs era horror, slasher movies, and retro low-poly survival horror games. Follow Puppet Combo on Twitter.

Screenshot 2022-10-17 160257.png

Torture Star Video

Publishing label from Puppet Combo

Publishing label with a focus on funding and publishing high quality horror games from small developers. Follow TSV on Twitter.



The Queen of Horror, CCoH Creator & Host

ReAnimateHer creates live Horror content, videos & the perfect podcast to drink your deliciously occult coffee to! Follow RAH on Twitch & YouTube.

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