Here you will find some of the wonderful friends, podcasts, sites and more I enjoy in the Horror community that I think you would love too! From game devs working on upcoming projects to filmmakers working on their next film, content creators with awesome new adventures, this page will always be filled with people I recommend you check out and support if you'd like. Have a slashing time!


Radio for the Creeps

Podcast by @mattshotcha

A podcast for the strange & unusual, dedicated to Horror. Hosted by videogame industry veteran, @MattShotcha.


Gun Interactive

Design Studio & Publishers

Gun is a Concept Design Studio & Publisher with a passion for horror. (With a top notch crew of wonderful people).  Gun's Official Website.



The Queen of Horror, CCoH Creator & Host

ReAnimateHer creates live Horror content, videos & the perfect podcast to drink your deliciously occult coffee to! Follow RAH on Twitch & YouTube.