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Puppet Combo announces Nun Massacre: The Definitive Edition releasing June 2nd!

New NUNS?! Ah sh*t here we go again.

Courtesy of Puppet Combo

"It was just supposed to be a relaxing camping trip with my friends. Sitting around the campfire, drinking some beers. But we heard someone, something watching in the woods. Watching us."

Puppet Combo announced on Tuesday May 24th 2022 that one of their most notorious games, Nun Massacre is getting some new additions! Nun Massacre: The Definitive Edition which will be available to patrons of Puppet Combo's Patreon a few days earlier, will be a free update to those who already own the game. This version will be including improved visuals and performance, new storylines and new nuns as told by Puppet Combo on Twitter. And other huge news? This time, the Nun is finally coming to Xbox on June 2nd 2022!

When Puppet Combo announced back in March 23rd 2022 that Nun Massacre was releasing on consoles such as Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5, a lot of users noticed that this one wasn't being released on Xbox unlike their previous game, Murder House, leaving some of the fans hopeful that it would one day come to Xbox consoles. Puppet Combo has been a powerhouse when it comes to releasing terrifying low-poly, retro styled horror games and now expanding some of their titles into consoles, which as I have mentioned previously, is amazing to give the chance for console players to experience their games for the first time. Another thing I noticed in the announcement is... Puppet Combo mentioned The Backrooms and Driller Killer. So it seems like we are getting a crossover level from the legendary creepy pasta of the backrooms and seeing the Driller Killer possibly coming into the Nun's world! Just when you think it couldn't get creepier, they prove you wrong yet again. I'm still having nightmares about the sugar tunnel...

Okay but side note, imagine the Puppet Combo universe into a fighting arcade now. IMAGINE. It may not be Nun in space but listen, we'll take it.

Update from Puppet Combo on May 25th regarding those who own Nun Massacre on CD-Rom.

Courtesy of Puppet Combo
Courtesy of Puppet Combo

"You may get lost in The Backrooms or face off against a driller killer ;_;" - Puppet Combo

Nun Massacre: The Definitive Edition is being ported by game developer Lum (who also ported Nun Massacre to consoles previously), with writing from SYD, featuring new music from MXXN and one of the new lead roles in the game being voiced by Youtuber, Suzi Hunter.

Check out the trailer for Puppet Combo's Nun Massacre: The Definitive Edition and get a sneak peak of the new things being added in this version/update!

Become a patron of Puppet Combo over on their Patreon and follow them on Twitter for more updates and releases!


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