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Puppet Combo's "Nun Massacre" announced for Playstation 4/5 and Nintendo Switch! [Switch Review!]

No, the Nun isn't in space.

If you have played Puppet Combo games before, you kinda know what you're getting yourself into, but also not really at the same time. From Power Drill Massacre to Murder House, Puppet Combo has been making every horror game lover scream to the top of their lungs with their 80's inspired slasher horror, low-poly styled games. However, there is one game that stands out to many as they play it or watch gameplay of it on YouTube...

Courtesy of Puppet Combo

"A letter has arrived at your house under mysterious circumstances... your daughter has fallen ill at her boarding school. As you make a trip to pick her up, a storm blows in and the road is blocked. You continue on foot through the woods and all hell soon breaks loose...

Hide from the PSYCHOPATHIC nun at all costs! She hungers for BLOOD and you are the next course! Nothing could prepare you for a NUN MASSACRE! Terrifying ps1 style stealth horror." - Puppet Combo

Puppet Combo's Nun Massacre (also known as Night of the Nun) which has been a PC exclusive game since 2018 until it's mobile release back in October 2021, was announced by Puppet Combo to be releasing on Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch on March 24th 2022! With Nun Massacre being their second title to be on console (Murder House being the first to release on consoles in October 2021) it definitely opens up more doors to not only those who have been wanting to play Puppet Combo games on a console they may have/prefer but to also see more indie horror games being widely released to a different audience.

I mean, can you imagine how someone new to these games will react as soon as they see the thumbnail on their new releases page? (Murder House looks stunning next to my Pokémon game icon.) To play this game filled with panic, nowhere to hide, a puzzling map layout, loud sounds and a killer Nun surprising you at every corner, it's going to be an absolute blast for those who get to experience this for the first time or replaying it again. As of right now in March 2022, unfortunately it seems Xbox is not getting a release of Nun Massacre (however, you can still play Murder House on Xbox One!). And for those who will catch it on console for the first time, no worries about missing out on anything from the PC version as this is a straight port of Nun Massacre done by game dev Lum.


Nun Massacre on Nintendo Switch Gameplay

I tested it out on Nintendo Switch and this is my experience! If you want to see video gameplay, check it out on YouTube and check out Nun Massacre on mobile!

So to start off, I have an OG Nintendo Switch (so no new version or anything) and it handled amazingly! I did have 1 game crash in total but by this time, I had played the game for a few hours through the course of a week and opened and closed a few times in between other games.

Controllers: I was playing using my joy-cons with the controller comfort grip. The starting sensitivity of the game felt a little fast for the joy-con controllers so I did have to end up putting the sensitivity almost all the way down (screenshots below) otherwise I'd be spinning all over the place super fast. Also if you're someone who is mainly PC (keyboard/mouse) and you are playing this for the first time on a console like the Switch, the buttons can get a little weird at first but once you get the hang of it by doing a few actions, you will pick them up easily. I only keep confusing B (jump) and A (crouch) so I might have ran into some walls and stood up when hiding from the nun a few times. But overall, I think that's just normal stuff to get used to if you're not a main console person yourself.

Gameplay: Everything handled SUPER smooth! There was times the frames would drop a tiny bit when I was in the vents but nothing that stopped me from playing or caused me any deaths in the game. The running never lagged me, the nun definitely was running at full speed without any glitches or lag. The notes you find through the game were very difficult to read (screenshot below) so I am not sure if this is something they can easily patch or fix on their end for the Switch version of the game. Besides that, everything honestly was just as I would play it on PC!

Sounds: If you've never played Puppet Combo games, start low and adjust as you go to your liking. However if you have played their games already know.

Overall thoughts? I LOVED playing this game on the Switch! Even learning the controllers as I went, it was super fun and easy to get used to (the controllers I mean, not the nun, NEVER the nun). I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to add more cool horror games to their library, gift it to their totally innocent friend who only plays Animal Crossing or tell your favorite streamer about it so you can watch them scream their lungs off.

Get your hands on Puppet Combo's Nun Massacre NOW for Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch!

PS: Puppet Combo isn't responsible for broken controllers. Not even the Nun. This on you. Have fun!

Check out the Nun Massacre's game trailer below!

Follow Puppet Combo and what they're up to next on Patreon, Twitter and on their website.


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