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[Game Review] Bloodwash by Jordan King and Henry Hoare

Sara just had to do laundry so bad.

Ok so let me begin with this, I have been growing fond of VHS/retro styled horror games more in the last 5-6 years since I first ran into Power Drill Massacre (Puppet Combo). Which by the way, I am still recovering from that game. I remember the sounds like it was yesterday...the sugar tunnel... But anyways, if it's low poly and horror, chances are me and you are probably in for a hell of a ride. In this case, that ride is going straight to the laundromat in this new, gory game published by Torture Star Video (label by Puppet Combo) and developed by Jordan King (Black Eyed Priest) and Henry Hoare called Bloodwash.

"Sara is a pregnant college student living with her alcoholic boyfriend in a run-down apartment complex. To make matters worse, a serial killer targeting pregnant women, the Womb Ripper, is terrorizing the city. One night, the washing machine in the basement breaks down. A helpful neighbor tells Sara about a 24-hour laundromat on the outskirts of town. What she finds there might claim her life!" -Bloodwash (Steam)

Yes, you read that right. The Womb Ripper. The steam short description had me sold. Go read it yourself if this description didn't sell you on Bloodwash.

Now before you say "the graphics in games like that are not my thing" or "VHS glitch filters

give me headaches so I can't play it" this game has a bunch of settings in 'options'. So you can select from the filters in your game to resolution you can play the game in, which by

the way is a huge relief to see indie games give more graphic options since my PC can have potato days + overall accessibility is nicer to see. Now if these low poly games just aren't your thing, I at least urge you to go watch content creators streaming/making videos of this game whenever you can because it's truly a wonderfully well done game.

Different filters in Bloodwash.

Bloodwash has a giallo-inspired plot so if you have never seen a giallo film, the story may feel a little different or even new from what you might have played before. You see everything mainly through the eyes of Sara, in first person, so instantly you feel a connection with Sara and making sure her baby is safe through this game. As you start meeting other characters in the game and hearing them talk about the story, the game kinda gives you a sense of calm for a bit since you are starting to get familiar with these characters in one of the most sketchy looking places I have seen. Like, you feel safe while talking to them but not safe being there in the middle of the night. Now remember, this is still a horror game so don't get too comfy.

For me, Bloodwash is one of the top 5 best horror games I have played this year. What makes it so great to me is how this game has the ability to scare the hell out of you but still manage to get you right back in wondering what happens next. To me, personally, this game is not one of those uncomfortable "I am never finishing this game, too scary" kind of thing, so I was really happy being able to finish it and replaying it multiple times. The game 'quests' also do a great job in leaving you curious for how the story goes, so amazing work on this! The story about this plaza, the disappearances, the Womb Ripper still being on the loose, Peepaw knowing basically everything and everyone, it just all works so well together. Plus the music is just *chef's kiss* and done by MXXN, which you can listen to the Bloodwash Intro here.

Peepaw, the one who knows everything and everyone.

It took me about 90 minutes to finish this game the first time I played it. Since then, I keep jumping back in to see what achievements I may have missed or any fun 80's references. It never gets old and I keep finding little things to read or collect I might have not noticed in a previous gameplay so it's always a surprise! Plus no matter how ready I think I am for the jump scares in it, it never fails to make me scared. So if Bloodwash turns out to be part of a series of games or an anthology of some sort...let me just empty my wallet already.

I usually would break down games a bit more but I really want everyone to experience the same fun and scares I had while playing Bloodwash so I won't get more in detail about it besides some technical stuff here and there and what the game description may give away.

Well, I may give away one thing. Ok maybe 2. 1: Read the comics you find, they're real comics and super fun to read. 2: We love Stan.

Bloodwash gets a total of 5 Stan- I mean, knives, it gets 5/5 knives.

Rating: 5/5 Knives 🔪


See the trailer for Bloodwash down below and buy it on or Steam!

Thank you all for taking your time in reading this review/blog and as always, support indie horror ♥ Leave a "heart" in this post if you are planning on playing this game or have already!

Until next time! 🔪


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