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Silent Hill Transmission Livestream brings us new Silent Hill games, new film and new collectibles!

Sadly, no, P.T. isn't back.

Wednesday October 19th, the Silent Hill Transmission Livestream took place at 2PM PST/5PM EST with thousands of people watching around the world in hopes for news of a new Silent Hill game, a remaster or P.T. to make a comeback (as seen the most in the livestream chat across YouTube channels). I will be writing this article as things release or are mentioned!

At 4:55PM EST, a countdown began of 5 minutes and the Silent Hill ambience sounds kicked in as well as their theme. Chat absolutely loses it and I keep seeing more of "please let there be a remake!".


The livestream kicked off strong with the announcement of a remake of Silent Hill 2 (21 years later!), being developed by indie game studio, Bloober Team (Layers of Fear, Observer) and will be available for PS5 and Steam. With Masahiro Ito back as a creature designer and the music of composer Akira Yamaoka.

"Having received a letter from his deceased wife, James heads to where they shared so many memories, in the hope of seeing her one more time: SILENT HILL. There, by the lake, he finds a woman eerily similar to her... "My Maria," the woman smiles. Her face, her voice... She's just like her. Experience a master-class in psychological survival horror―lauded as the best in the series―on the latest hardware with chilling visuals and visceral sounds."

The scene changes to a darker environment to unveil a new trailer. Konami and Annapurna Interactive team up with game developers No Code, to create Silent Hill: Townfall.

Scene changes and now we are in the streets of Silent Hill, assistant producer and head of IP and cross-media development for Silent Hill, Rui Naito, appears to talk about the Silent Hill film adaptation titled "Return to Silent Hill" which will be directed by Christophe Gans (who directed the 2006 film adaptation of Silent Hill) and produced by Victor Hadida (producer of Silent Hill films and Resident Evil film franchise). In the livestream, it was mentioned this film adaptation will be more linear to the videogames. And yes, pyramid head is back! Filming and casting is still in the works as of October 2022.

Collectibles and Merch

From Gecco, we are getting a few 1/6 Scale Statues such as: Silent Hill 2 "Red Pyramid Thing", Silent Hill 2 James Sunderland, Silent Hill 2 Maria and Silent Hill 2 Inu-End 1/6 scale coin bank from the secret ending of Silent Hill 2. Most statues set to release in Japan in 2023 and TBD for other areas.

From the Official Konami Shop: Silent Hill limited edition board collection and Silent Hill merchandise. Select items are available to pre-order at this moment.

From Crazy Rock: 1/6 scale fully articulated collectible figures of "Red Pyramid Thing" and "Bubble Head Nurse".

From Good Smile Company: Pop Up Parade Bubble Head Nurse (set to be released in 2023) which you can keep an eye out for here.

And lastly, from Bedrock Collectibles: Silent Hill 2: Red Pyramid Thing and Maria elevator chase diorama (coming soon to their website).

Back to games

Jacob Navok, CEO at Genvid appears to talk about SILENT HILL: Ascension, which will go live in 2023. This project will be in collaboration with Bad Robot, Behaviour Interactive and dj2 Entertainment, which will feature a interactive story telling experience where your decisions change the outcome of your game.

And one more announcement at the end, takes us to another dark location to announce a new Silent Hill game in the works.

SILENT HILL f, developed by NeoBards Entertainment and produced by Motoi Okamoto.

"SILENT HILL f – will be a completely new story set in 1960's Japan featuring a beautiful, yet horrifying world. Written by Ryūkishi07, famed for Japanese visual novels dealing with murder mysteries, psychological and supernatural horror."

So, did you see anything you enjoyed during this livestream? I know it's been ages since they have given us any set news about Silent Hill so I know it's a very exciting day for many!

Watch the full livestream down below!

What title are you the most excited about after this livestream?

  • Silent Hill 2 remake

  • Silent Hill: Townfall

  • Silent Hill: Ascension



Thank you all for taking your time in reading this news blog and always, support indie horror and all the horror really! ♥ Leave a "heart" in this post if you are excited about the new Silent Hill games.

Until next time! 🔪


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