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Disturbing (but fun!) games you should try!

If you have ever ran into any of my previous streams, you will know that I am always in the hunt for some of the most disturbing (or weird) Horror games I can find. Or asked me for Horror game recommendations, I often will throw some serious "WTF" kind of games in the list.

"Disturbing? What do you mean by disturbing?"

The kind of games that make you wonder stuff like "Is this even allowed?", "Why is this happening to my character" or one of my personal favorites "I...don't know how I feel right now". But yet these games are out there, from Steam to their own dev/publisher sites, for people like me who like to get spooky until it's actually time to get spooky. Keep in mind, some of these games are not newly released. If you want newly released Horror games, I highly recommend checking out DreadXP for the latest games news! These are just my personal picks and I will always appreciate the amount of work developers put into these games.

In no specific order, let's dig into this list!

1. Don't Be Afraid (Steam)

Developers: Hydra Games and Limo Games

(Photo from Hydra Games SA/Steam)

This game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Frequent Violence or Gore, General Mature Content. -Hydra Games on Steam.

"Don't Be Afraid is an adventure horror game, that allows you to personate a boy, kidnapped by a psychopath. You have to survive, escape and find out how you were kidnapped. Exploring the gigantic, mysterious house of your torturer, you will soon reveal many secrets, hidden inside it’s walls…" (Steam)

I don't even know where to start besides that I still think about this game and the last time I played it was December is now June 2021. Grab the elements of everything that can be scary in a horror game, throw it in a blender and you get Don't Be Afraid. From the creepy surroundings and the feeling of always being watched, some terrifying characters, finding more as you go about the story, why things are happening, everything is f*cked. Now this game may be on the shorter side (took me about 4 1/2 hours to beat and I take my sweet time in games) but with every single turn in this story, everything you experience as the main character (a kid) puts you in such an uncomfortable spot that it keeps you wondering "how much longer can this go on?". This game has multiple endings and I definitely got a bad one so tell me which one you get once you try it on Twitter!

Pros: The game definitely has some intense jump scares but the environment helps a lot in adding how creepy and disturbing this game is. Story is interesting and short!

Cons: Audio was a little...weird. Characters footsteps would sound like they were far away but they would be right next to you.

Overall rating: 3.5/5 knives 🔪


2. Infliction: Extended Cut (PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Steam)

Developer: Caustic Reality

(Courtesy of Caustic Reality)

Infliction is not intended for persons under 15 years of age. It contains adult themes and content such as: depictions of violence, physical abuse, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and self-harm. - Caustic Reality on Steam

"Infliction couples a story-driven approach to horror with a dynamic atmosphere to produce an unsettling and unpredictable first-person experience that deals in mature subject matter. Imbuing familiar elements of everyday life with the supernatural, Infliction delivers a terrifying otherworldly adventure that hits frighteningly close to home." (Caustic Reality)

This game...was absolutely terrifying. I will admit easily, huge fan of this game and how it played, Clinton McCleary (Caustic Reality's founder and game developer) did such an amazing job! The environment and the sounds in this game made you so scared to turn every corner, enter any room but yet, you still wanted to see how the story ended so you pushed yourself through...even if that meant screaming your lungs out. Or whatever body part you want to scream out.

Pros: A sad but great story overall, jump scares we're not very predictable and I feel they are used perfectly in this game, game sound was great overall, controllers are smooth (so you can panic while using WASD but smoothly).

Cons: I wouldn't even say this is a con really but, I personally do wish the game was a bit longer. But this just leaves me more excited for any upcoming projects (or maybe an Infliction Part 2 if this happens?).

Overall rating: 4.5/5 knives 🔪


Developer: Chilla's Art

(Chilla's Art/Steam)

The developer on Steam did not provide a warning for this game but from personally playing this game, this game contains general mature content, violence and some gore.

"The Convenience Store | 夜勤事件 is a J-horror game about a college girl on a night shift."(Chilla's Art)

If you haven't played Chilla's Art games before, just a heads up: these are short but neat little Horror games to play. The Convenience Store is a J-Horror game about a college girl who works, well, at a convenience store and it just happens to be that her shifts are all at the creepiest time of night where she encounters some very interesting characters and starts experiencing not the best things you'd want to experience when working alone at night. Now with Chilla's games, they are a bit of a slow burn BUT I promise they are worth it. If you want to get immersed into a game with some creepy environments, puzzles and story, please do check out their other games as well.

Truthfully, I have no cons about this game. I know some people do not like the VHS effect because it can make them a bit dizzy but know that you can turn this off inside the game's menu.

Other games I highly recommend from Chilla's Art: Stigmatized Property, The Caregiver and their latest game as of June 2021, Night Delivery

Overall rating: 3.5/5 knives 🔪


4. Power Drill Massacre (Early Access, PC)

Developer: Puppet Combo

(Puppet Combo/

These products may contain disturbing images, nudity and subliminal messages. You must be 18 or older to download. Vague Scenario LLC. cannot be held responsible for any damage which may occur from use of this software. By downloading these applications, you agree to install and play at your own risk. -Puppet Combo Website

"Injured after a car crash, Megan flees through the woods into an abandoned building, looking for help. The door jams and she's locked inside, forced to search through the dark corridors. She hears the echo of a power drill in the distance and realizes she's not alone."(Puppet Combo)

Bring a pair of extra pants for the sounds in this game alone. That's it. That's all I have to say. I want you to jump into this one completely surprised just like I did a few years back. Also while you have an extra pair of pants with you, check out Nun Massacre and Murder House. They have a Patreon in case you'd like to check out what they're up to and more.

Pros: Puppet Combo makes super freaking cool looking games overall. Like slasher, survival Horror, VHS styled games, who doesn't love those?!

Cons: Definitely be careful with how loud you have your headphones on when playing this game. You might have a bit of a weird time adjusting to how this game moves around but once you get the hang of it, you'll be ready to run for your lif-I mean, you'll enjoy the game so much.

Overall rating: 4/5 knives 🔪


And last but not least...

5. Lust From Beyond (Steam)

This game is rated Adult Only.

(Movie Games Lunarium/Steam)

The developers describe the content like this: LUST FROM BEYOND contains sex and nudity, extreme and sexual violence and it's not suitable for viewers under 18. -Movie Games Lunarium

"A Victorian mansion. A cult worshipping an otherworldly erotic deity. Among all that - you. Explore a world inspired by the works of Lovecraft, Giger, and Beksiński. See for yourself that there are no limits to dark ecstasy." (Movie Games Lunarium)

Just like #4 on this list, jump on this one yourself. The game looks absolutely beautiful, the music, the graphics, it looks stunning. But that's as much as I'll say because I can't even summarize this game for y'all. I will say, please read the developer content warning and Steam tags before you jump into this one since this game is rated Adult Only, this is definitely not for everyone but the game does play and look beautifully.

Overall rating: 4/5 knives 🔪

Update: June 13th 2021, @MGLunarium announced on Twitter during E3 2021 that Lust from Beyond: M Edition will be coming to PC and consoles.

"Lust from Beyond: M Edition is a new version of the cult survival horror Lust from Beyond. This edition is tailored to the preferences of players who love the genre of Lovecraftian horror for its mystery, narrative, and atmosphere rather than explicit content." (Movie Games Lunarium/Steam)

You can wishlist Lust from Beyond: M Edition right now on Steam!


And that is it!

I definitely have some more games to share with you all but I wanted to take it easy on this blog being my first one on site and me being new to this. Have you played any of these games? Did you love them? Tell me on Twitter!

Here is some upcoming Horror games you can wishlist on Steam right now that I feel will make it into part 2 of this list:

Until next time, keep it spooky and thanks for reading!


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