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Gun Interactive & Sumo Digital announce "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" Game at The Game Awards 2021

Let's start by saying, congratulations to the Gun Interactive and Sumo Digital Teams!

WHAT A FREAKING ANNOUNCEMENT! Am I still in happy tears about it? Oh yes. I'll recover...never, no worries. Please if you get a chance, do read Cat's Notes at the bottom of this article as I feel this is very important for me to say on this announcement.

During the pre-show on December 9th 2021, The Game Awards released a few World Premieres which included The King of Fighters XV, HomeWorld 3, Babylon's Fall, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, Evil West and more. During those World Premieres, this little magical moment happened:

Screenshot from YouTube/Gun's Channel

That driveway. I KNOW that driveway. And then it kicked me. Within 2 seconds of the trailer, I knew. I gasped so loud that my dog had to come check on me to make sure I was ok but indeed, I was not ok *cue MCR "I'm not ok"*. I am 100% still with happy tears as I write this little blog to let you know that Gun Interactive (formerly known as Gun Media) the creators of Friday the 13th: The Game, and Sumo Digital (Nottingham) have officially announced The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game! (Yes, based on the 1974 film!) And it will be a, get ready *drum roll* a multiplayer horror game! So you get to run scared sh*tless but with friends. Honestly always a fun, good time.

People have been speculating for a little while on what would be Gun's next game. I saw a lot of people hoping for either a Halloween game or Texas Chain Saw Massacre as their next project so with the announcement finally revealing their new game, I do hope even the Halloween fans will hop on and enjoy the total blood fest this game will bring. Horror and videogames are so cool, just so very cool.

Update 12/10/2021: Fangoria has done an exclusive interview with the person who is portraying Leatherface in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game! Who could it be? Find out yourself over on Fangoria!

Keep updated with any news on the game in the following socials (and remember to always be kind, devs ARE humans!)

Gun Interactive: Twitter | Sumo Digital: Twitter

TCM Game's Social Pages: Official Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Reddit

Watch the trailer down below

I can't wait till the release of this game! Feel free to like (♥) this post if you'd want to see more overall horror gaming news!

Until next time, slash y'all later!🔪


Cat's Notes: Not just as a game dev but as a human first hand, I consider a few people at Gun wonderful dear friends. This blog was entirely my own words as I am always excited to see what they are working on next and I value their talent and hard work a lot. I respect this team so with that being said, I personally will NEVER be covering any unofficial news or rumors from their projects or any other games, companies, etc. Thank you for reading this note from me!


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