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[Documentary] Becca Kozak's Vancouver Video Vixens (2020)

I'm going to start off this review a little different than others because I need to tell you more than once how you MUST watch this documentary, show your friends, friends of friends, everyone. I absolutely loved this and learned so much, so this blog will not do it justice as you must just watch it.

"Am I... weird for liking all these gory films?" is a question I ask myself often when chatting with others on what their favorite films are. I just never knew why or what it was about splatter films that attracted me to it all. Was it the body horror? Was it the violence? It couldn't be all the blood right? right?? And that's where this documentary comes right in to make me feel not alone in my obsession with buying all kinds of FX blood at my local costume shop in the middle of Summer.

Becca Kozak's Vancouver Video Vixens is a absolutely wonderful documentary on horror and Feminism as told through the eyes and experiences of female filmmakers from the Vancouver indie scene. Featuring: Gigi Saul Guerrero, Dre Boulet, Lisa Ovies, Julie Bruns, Ariel Hansen, Nadine L'Esperance, Karen Lam, Bruna Arbex, Kailey Spear, Sam Spear, Tristan Risk, Heather Perluzzo and Sharai Rewels. With a runtime of about 68 minutes, we are taken into the world of being a female filmmaker in the horror industry, and how they are working to change the rules while overcoming the everyday obstacles that still happen in this competitive industry.

Kozak's Vancouver Video Vixens interviews 13 different female filmmakers in the independent scene of Vancouver, BC as they talk about their individual experiences and obstacles they have faced (and are currently still facing) when it comes to being in the film industry, specifically in the world of horror. This documentary touches on several different topics, such as how there is not enough women doing grindhouse style filmmaking, to how women bring their different views and experiences to life through body horror specifically, and how it relates to real life and personal events.

“You take an action film and you put a woman in the lead, a lot of people are gonna be like “oh that’s a chick flick, I don’t feel like seeing it”. Comedy, woman in lead “chick flick”. But with horror, if it’s a woman in the lead, it’s just a horror film.” -Ariel Hansen

As they are being interviewed, we get a sneak peak into some of the work of the filmmakers in this documentary. We also get to see some vintage teenager "self-care", hygiene guide-like clips to compare and portray what is currently being talked about during the segments. Being edited by Kozak as well, you can already start to recognize the awesome punk-style we got to see back on her previous short films like Binge and Purgatory.

In Vancouver, which is called by some "North Hollywood", it's already difficult there to give more of a spotlight to the indie scene, considering how many big budget films and tv shows shoot in this location and its surroundings, that it could very well be leaving in the dark some of the greatest, yet still unknown talent the rest of the film industry hasn't had a chance to recognize.

With a sisterhood like we see in Vancouver Video Vixens who are supporting your every move, every project, the challenges that come with being a woman in this industry will be a non-stop battle to keep on fighting. As they talk about the sexism they have experienced and the lack of respect they have endured in a professional setting, the force that keeps driving these badass women to keep on pushing forward for a change in horror and film will inspire the f*ck out of you.

Overall rating: 5/5 knives🔪


Make sure to check out Vancouver Video Vixen, directed, edited and produced by Becca Kozak (Binge and Purgatory, Lisa Suckdoll) and coming soon from Darkside Releasing. Stay tuned on the official website and Instagram for more release information!

Check out all the amazing and talented people featured in this documentary on their socials for any of their upcoming projects!

Directed by Becca Kozak (Twitter, Instagram)

Thank you so much for reading and again, please check out all the amazing people mentioned above that are part of this wonderful documentary!

Until next time! 🔪


A note from Natalie: I am very appreciative of everyone who reads my blogs. I may not use big words or review like a professional at all (language barrier can be a bit of a killer at times) but I am here to share these wonderful people's work with you all because they are simply just amazing. Thank you for supporting them and keep on supporting horror filmmakers!

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