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[Short Film Review] Becca Kozak's "Binge and Purgatory" (2021)

A dash of cannibalism, some Twiggies later and a whole lot of punk rock, Binge and Purgatory has shown us how far someone with a little taste of blood can go.

Note from Natalie: The following review contains brief talk about ED. If this topic is triggering to you but you would still like to check out this wonderful filmmaker's other work and upcoming projects, links will be provided at the bottom of this review.

Binge and Purgatory is a short film directed, written and edited by Becca Kozak (Vancouver Video Vixens, Lisa Suckdoll) created as part of Run N Gun 48 Hour Film competition. Starring Elizabeth Larkin as Malady and Cynthia Loewen as “Mom”, where Malady is struggling with bulimia while the mother has had the last straw and decides to “cure” Malady’s bulimia with a little bit of...motherly love.

Binge and Purgatory has a runtime of a little over 4 minutes but I re-watched it at least 7 times because I keep on wondering what could happen next! Or more like where was Malady heading to next...anyways! Kozak's filming style is absolutely so freaking punk rock and just wonderful, so fresh for me to see. Adding in those super awesome punk elements from the character's non-traditional family style to the short's soundtrack by the Lunachicks (which if you dig the trailer music down below, give them a listen here ), the practical yet super creative effects, I really can't wait to see more from the badass mind of Becca Kozak.

Overall rating: 3.5/5 knives🔪


Stay tuned for Binge and Purgatory's release on Kozak's website here! In the meanwhile, check out the short's trailer and behind the scenes.

Find Becca Kozak on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. To contact and see more upcoming projects, check out Kozak's official website.

What's the lovely cast of Binge and Purgatory up to next? Check them out on their socials! Follow Elizabeth Larkin on Twitter and Instagram and Cynthia Loewen on Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you so much for reading! And as always, remember:

Support Horror Filmmakers!

Until next time 🔪


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For more information, visit the website here.

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