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5 Horror Multiplayer Games To Enjoy With Friends! (Part 2)

Spooky season is right around the corner 👻 (I mean, it can be spooky season all year round too, I don't make the rules) and if you're a content creator or just like hearing your friends scream, you're probably looking for some new multiplayer games you can play with them soon. Also if you don't have friends to scream with, it's ok, these will also be playable solo for those who are brave. If you need more games to check out, don't forget to check part 1 of this series here!

Here is some of my picks for games you can find on Steam right now to play with friends, support an indie dev and have a bloody good time! 🔪


Developer/Publisher: 3+ Productions

Single player and CO-OP (1-4 players)

(Chased by Darkness/Steam)

"Chased by Darkness is a 1-4 players co-op survival horror. You have been called to stop a bestial spirit that has attacked people in a penitentiary. Explore the prison, eliminate obsessive spirits and run as fast as you can."

Ok so to start off, if you are playing this solo, it is HARD. Not like Dark Souls hard no, but difficult enough to say "I definitely need friends to play this one with". You (and if with friends, your team) get called down to this penitentiary who lost power. Your job: turning on the lights back and don't die...seems simple right? While you and your friends are running around in the dark, trying to find the pieces to finish some sort of ritual to stop the beast, there is other "creatures" around the penitentiary to make sure your task isn't finished so easily. Little do the creatures and the beast and your team can fight back. Sounds like a sweet adventure to me!

Cat's advice: Be careful with small rooms and spaces if you are with a team so you don't get stuck. Not sure if it was a glitch for me but that beast will open doors and run into rooms like it pays the rent there.


Developer/Publisher: StudioGoupil

Single player and Online CO-OP (1-4 players)

(Ghost Hunters Corp/Steam)

"Ghost Hunters Corp is a scary horror game playing alone or in a team of 4 ghost hunters. Their mission will be to identify paranormal entities and then exorcise them."

As you might have noticed, paranormal games have been a very popular theme again, more so in the last year (which I don't mind, give me more spooky). But what does Ghost Hunters Corp do different to stand out? They have some serious athletic ghosts that hate doors. Kidding. I mean, not really. The entities you encounter in GHC are some of the most relentless, aggressive and sometimes difficult entities to figure out. And the fun part? You can't hide from them!

You start out in the game lobby aka the ghost hunters headquarters. Inside, there is tutorial rooms with all the tools you will be using in-game with a description of what they do and some, you can even test in this little space. Once you are done with the tutorial, you select a "contract" (map), buy some ghost hunting items from your tablet and then you're ready to go encounter some spooky stuff! I really think this game is so much fun with friends, like it's not impossible to play and exorcise entities by yourself but just know again, these entities really hate doors. And they probably hate you too.

Cat's advice: This dev team is constantly updating this game which is amazing! So any bugs you may see or experience, always report them since they are currently working on a bunch. Gameplay wise: Have a crucifix always with you. Press "R" on your keyboard to carry your flashlight in another hand so you got more free room for more things. Oh also, your dead teammates can help you, just make sure to leave equipment turned on for them.


3. Obsideo (Steam)

Developer/Publisher: Kyle's Garage

Single player and online CO-OP (1-2 players as of September 13th 2021, 1-4 coming soon)

(Cat's gameplay/body of dead teammate in game)

"Obsideo is a 1-2 (1-4 coming soon) player online co-op psychological horror, where you and your team of priests explore different locations experiencing paranormal events in an attempt to figure out what ghost they're dealing with and exorcise it from the property."

These ghosts definitely want you to know they are there and that they can see you. From flies in rooms, knifes thrown at the wall, turning on and off appliances and even making paintings float, this game is absolutely a terrifying good time with another friend. There is over 55 ghost interactions in this game (YES 55+ THINGS THEY CAN DO) and it can all be very subtle or very aggressive depending on the ghost you are dealing with so you will need to be very attentive. Your mic is on during the game so they can hear you and respond to you with any action they feel like it. Personally, mine loved pointing at me to go to the creepy basement with wall drawings or they would stomp a lot right besides me to let me know I wasn't alone. But make sure to check your watch for your stats often, otherwise you will go bye bye faster than you can get your favorite pizza delivered to you.

Cat's advice: This game is in Early Access so please keep an eye out for updates!

Things were a bit buggy when it first came out but the dev has been updating the

game quickly.

Personally, you need to play a few rounds to understand "common,

rare, uncommon" system with the signs the ghosts will give.

I played this with a friend and some things we saw at the start happening right away for the ghost we had were considered "uncommon" so yeah, takes a bit to learn but still a delightful terrifying time.


4. Malum (Steam)

Developer/Publisher: MalumGames

Single player and CO-OP (1-4 players)


"Ever wondered who would win in a fight between a stripper-leech-zombie and a furry? Of course you have. Well now you can finally find out in Malum, a co-op horror survival game for 1-4 players."

Game warning: This game contains flashing lights that may make it unsuitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitive conditions. Player discretion is advised.

This game is hard. It will make you scream. You have been warned.


Ok I'll be honest, I didn't read this game's actual description on Steam until now as I am writing this and that is....I mean, I never thought of that but now you have me thinking about it. I found Malum through YouTube, seeing some content creators doing like early streams of the game and I thought it was a fun time so I had to try it out myself once it released on Steam on September 2nd 2021. So the game goes like this: you and your friends are walking around the map you selected with your flashlights on and most likely a med kit you picked up at the start of the map. You and your friends are looking for 3 different glowing signs on the walls which will help you in your book to see what kind of creature you are dealing with. After you find the signs, it will give you a ritual to complete in the map's summoning circle (which you need to find as well). You collect the items required for the circle and then it's your time to hunt! "What do you mean your time to hunt?" Oh you thought you're just looking around for signs and stuff without being hunted yourself? I mean, that would be nice but remember, it is a horror game after all.

Cat's Advice: I really recommend playing this with friends. All the creatures in the maps have different abilities so when you think you can just run through a small map with a monster that doesn't chase you and get things done solo, the next map may not be as easy. This game can feel a little repetitive, but I'm excited to see any new updates and maps we may get on this game. If you are looking to see this game on action, ReAnimateHer streams it live on Twitch here!



Developer/Publisher: Dreambyte Games

Single player and CO-OP (1-4 players) | Standard and VR Mode


"FOREWARNED is a 1-4 player co-op survival horror. Gear up and delve deep into ancient Egyptian ruins with your team of fellow archaeologists. Investigate the phenomena around you, collect treasure, discover lore, and survive the evil that lurks within."

You know, you would think after watching movies like The Mummy that we would had learned to not mess with certain ancient artifacts because maybe it's cursed or it just simply shouldn't be messed with? Well, some of us didn't learn, especially when it came to FOREWARNED. I died 4 minutes into a game by a trap in the floor because I saw shiny gold ahead. But you know what? No more spoilers for you. I really want people to try this game as the setting where it takes place in feels terrifying to explore at night by yourself or with friends so I want you to go into this game with as much surprise as I did.

Cat's advice: Bring extra pants and be super observant in this game. From the picture above for this game, you can already see there is some scary friends down there so get ready for loud moments to happen!


And that's the list!

I hope you enjoyed this list and I thank you for taking your time to read it! It means a lot to me. If you enjoy these lists, please leave a "heart ♥" (it's like a like!) so I know what to keep bringing more often around in this blog. I enjoy sharing indie games and supporting things happening within the gaming and horror industry so I hope you enjoy the games with your friends for some spooky good times!

In case you have played or already tried some of these, here are some games that didn't make it into this list you could play right now or add to your Steam wishlist:

Upcoming - add to your wishlist!

Until next time! 🔪

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