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5 Horror Multiplayer Games To Enjoy With Friends!

Why get scared by yourself when you can get scared with friends, am I right?

In this blog, I'm bringing you some multiplayer Horror games you can enjoy with friends, some by yourself if you're feeling adventurous and said "f*ck it". I know sometimes it can be hard to find something new or similar to your already favorite multiplayer games but everything new (or new to you at least) is always worth a try! I will be keeping this list simple, short and sweet by listing more games on the Horror indie side to show love to all the wonderful devs (and 1 person teams!).

But before we dig in: quick little personal shout out to the lovely friends at Gun (you should totally follow their Twitter to stay updated on their next projects) because I cannot express how wonderful these humans are and such an amazing part of the Horror and Gaming community overall. I will always believe in this team. Much love to you all!

Ok back to our list. And now, in no particular order, let's dig in!

1. Psycho (Steam)

Developer/Publisher: Good Monkey

Single player and CO-OP (2 players)


"'Psycho' is a 3D horror game that allows you to explore and survive with your friends in the terrible mystery bunker."

When I tell you this game will make you feel like someone is watching you at ALL times, it's because they actually might be! (No really, look at this picture, I didn't even know this was standing next to me). You and your teammate will be playing the role of policemen who are in the search of a missing person named Eric who has mysteriously disappeared and might be inside the town's creepy bunker. Just one tiny little are not alone. The game highly recommends you pick up and read the notes you find around the map so you understand your next task and I completely agree otherwise you'll just be running around in panic mode.

Cat's advice: If you get easily sick from motion sickness, the running in this game may be hard for you (sadly, I saw no way to turn it off either). And PLEASE don't forget to save using your memory pills in solo mode. In CO-OP mode, you cannot save.


2. Stay Close (Steam)

Developer/Publisher: Blind Bird

Single player (I wish you all the luck if you run this solo) and CO-OP (2 players)

(Stay Close/Steam)

"Stay Close is open-world horror game, with options for single-player and co-op. It has an unique and new gameplay approach unseen so far in any other game. You'll find yourself in a creepy and anomalous town, what is your next move?"

I remember watching someone play this on YouTube a few years ago and saying to myself "those things are terrifying I could never play this game" but then I said "screw it". You and a friend are a couple who end up in this strange, mysterious town and need to figure out how to make it out of there before you meet the "other town members". If you liked games like Emily Wants to Play, you will definitely enjoy this one. You will never know what lurks in the shadows with this game... or what lives in the lights.

Cat's advice: Communication will be essential with this game if you're doing co-op so make sure to maybe use an app like Discord or anything else you use to chat with your teammate. Also keep in mind that whoever dies will respawn back in the game's safe point which can be kinda far from where your teammate is. So as the game says, make sure to Stay Close! (I'll walk myself out for that one).


3. Under Lock (Steam / Early Access)

Developer/Publisher: Shakitum

Single player and CO-OP (5 players - 4 Survivors vs 1 Monster)

This game runs in both standard and VR modes. Does not require a VR headset.

(Under Lock/Steam)

"Under Lock is a multiplayer asymmetrical PvP horror game for 5 players (4 survivors versus 1 monster). Take the role of a survivor with the goal to outsmart the monster and escape from lockdown. Or choose one from several unique monsters to hunt down and devour the victims."

Sadly, I was not able to play this game (in multiplayer mode) as long as I wanted to so I will not be giving a more detailed review but the time I did play with people, it was wonderful! In solo mode, you can play against a AI monster in case you are unable to get a group of friends to join you. The devs mention this on their Steam page:

"Important info about multiplayer: Currently due low amount of players it can be hard to find a server to join, so the game suits best for group of friends who wish to play together. Alternatively you can join official Discord channel in order to find a group of players here."

Cat's advice: You might want to mess with sensitivity as soon as you start off the game since on my end, it felt very fast (as survivor).


4. Devour (Steam)

Developer: Joe Fender & Luke Fanning

Single player and CO-OP (1-4 players)


"DEVOUR is a co-op horror survival game for 1-4 players. Stop a possessed cult leader before she drags you to hell with her. Run. Scream. Hide. Just don't get caught."

Devour released earlier this year on Steam and already has a second map released (devs are always working hard to give us more scares!) but this game is so awesome! Each map so far has a different story, different elements, similar gameplay on how to beat the level but keeping it 100% terrifying when it comes to the monsters. I really don't want to spoil this game for you at all since it follows a pretty cool story line so I would just say jump in with friends! But if you want to jump in alone, you could but it will be very difficult. Also the characters are always telling you to go to hell, don't take it personal.

Cat's advice: Sounds can get a little loud sometimes so I would adjust as needed. I will not be giving much gameplay advice as I've been seeing everyone playing this game has their own fun techniques and tricks so maybe figuring out yours will be more fun than hearing from me what you could do and whatnot.


And finally...

5. Labyrinthine (Steam / Early Access)

Developer/Publisher: Valko Game Studios

Single player and CO-OP (1-4 players)

"Uncover the dark secrets of an overgrown maze with friends online as you try to escape the horrors within. Together, you will need to solve puzzles, find items and run from the bloodthirsty denizens of the maze as you try and get out alive..."

I genuinely believe this game is one of those that the less you know about it before jumping in, the better. You find out little by little about the story as you go since this game is divided in chapters so I won't spoil it for you. Let me know if you play it solo or with friends and how did you end up liking it on Twitter!

Cat's advice: I know I talk a lot about the sounds in games but again, mess with the game volume and sounds until it's comfortable for you. It starts off super loud so it's a must before entering the maze.

And that's it for this list!

I really hope you've enjoyed this short list and can can at least find something different to play with friends! Before we go, here is some more multiplayer games you can check out right now on Steam as well and upcoming games you can wishlist right now:

Available now on Steam:

Upcoming multiplayer/co-op games on Steam (As of 6/21/2021) you can wishlist now:

Until next time, slash y'all later! 🔪

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