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A new adventure. Kinda.

Hey hey! Natalie (or Cat, whichever is fine) here. Thank you so much for being here and probably reading all my non-sense on Twitter (seriously if you're still following me there, thank you and you deserve all the good snacks in life). As you can see, site is under construction, I haven't coded or made a site for myself in like over 10 years so things are coming back to mind as I create this madness. But yeah! As you may or may have not known, I am starting a blog to review Horror games and films! Not going to lie, kinda scared about it. I am not experienced in Horror at all but I do enjoy the adrenaline the genre gives me in games, films, shows, etc so after reading a very wonderful Terror Teletype from Fangoria, I said "You know what Phil, you're right, let me do the dang thing." and here I am, scared but ready to share my thoughts with strangers on the internet (and friends if you're reading this, hi hello I adore you thank you for being here). So bare with me as I get this site going and adding more to it!

Until next time!

I'll leave you this in the meanwhile:


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